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An Email Marketing Guide for Consulting Firms Cincinnati

“An Email Marketing Guide for Consulting Firms Cincinnati”

Planning to start your business and want to grow it but don’t know how?

Lucky for you, email marketing is a great means of doing this. Like Consulting firms Cincinnati, email marketing is utilized by most businesses.

All because it’s an ideal way to build relationships and customer loyalty. Email marketing isn’t easy though, through the years people have come across spam all the time.

Email platforms have done their best to reduce spam. With this, your email will be having trouble reaching the customer’s inbox.

And instead, they’ll be making it to the dreaded spam folder!

Well, we wouldn’t want that. So Consulting firms Cincinnati has provided a guide on how to level up our email marketing skills.


Doing Email Marketing Like Consulting Firms Cincinnati

If you’re having trouble growing your business, then it’s about time to do some email marketing.

Like how Consulting firms Cincinnati does it, your emails will be reaching inboxes in no time.

You have to make sure it doesn’t end up in the spam folder and you need to take into account open rates. Don’t worry, we’ll both discuss these two further below.

But first, let’s start off with what email marketing is.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending emails to promote your products. It’s to market your product and services.

May they be offers, exclusive discounts, or informative content.

Email marketing has long been used to develop relationships and connections with customers. After all, email platforms are one of the best means of customer reach.

It’s used by many business owners. Not surprising, right?

All because of the rise of the modern world and the convenience it brings.

Now that you have further knowledge of email marketing, here are some tips Consulting firms Cincinnati wants you to remember.


Identify Yourself

Have you ever gotten a present from someone? Was your first instinct to look at the sender info?

Email marketing is similar, users first take a look at who sent it. They need to know who’s it from.

Relevant to meeting people in person, you have to make an impression. After all, first impressions last.

Give them an idea of who you are and if possible, through one or two emails. Doing so, they’ll know at a glance that your email is from you.

But that doesn’t end there. Customers need to know why you’re contacting them.

You have to show them the purpose of the email, or else, they’ll be at a loss. They’ll even regard it as spam if you don’t introduce yourself.


Use Imagery for Visual Appeal

There are a lot of ways to give visual appeal to a boring email. One is that you can make use of templates.

These give your email a good look and it makes your email pleasant to view. But keep in mind to use images with small sizes, or else you might get blocked.

Imagine sending a high-definition poster, that’s pretty heavy on the megabytes.

Also, make sure to add alternative text for in case the image doesn’t load. There’s no assurance that images will be delivered on time, so it’s best to have a backup.

Another point to remember is that less is more. An example is to not use too much imagery in emails, it’ll be hard to read.

After all,  what’s important is that they get to easily read your content.


Consider the Subject

The subject is also an important factor to consider. Use a compelling, short declarative subject to ensure that the reader opens your email and reads through.

A piece of advice is to aim for less than 15 characters. Not too wordy.

A good subject should invoke curiosity. Making the reader want to open the email and read.

You also need to know about open rates. These pertain to how many customer open emails you send them, and to increase these, be relevant to the content.

Don’t use deceptive or misleading email titles, or else customers will get frustrated and possibly unsubscribe.

Also, don’t use generic subjects most people get. They won’t pay attention to your email since it doesn’t interest them.

A key tip here is to worry about open rates first before you worry about them reading the contents.


Build Relationships and Trust

In order to build a community of loyal customers, you need to build trust and relationships. By personalizing your emails, customers will feel special.

Personalization makes a difference in connecting with prospective clients. They’ll think that the email was exclusively for them.

Send regular emails that provide value to them. Emails that they may deem useful, and informative.

As a business owner, you should show customers that you care. Show it by responding to questions, failure to do so will make them think that you’re all about sales.

Once a relationship has been built, send emails on a specific frequency and time. Stick to a schedule.

Users will recognize your pattern and know when your emails will arrive. They’ll be expecting and you can count on it!

Still at a loss?

A guide that can help you is to follow the 80/20 rule. That means you should send content 80% of your time and offers 20%, this is a good rule Consulting firms Cincinnati sticks by.


Segmenting Your List

Some business owners already have a list already compiled. If you grew or built an organic email list, it’s wise to segment them.

A list of customers means that there are a diverse group of people clustered all together. Each customer has a particular set of interests.

It would be neat if you can send specific emails to specific groups.

So, create and categorize lists based on what topics those people want. Be sure to group them accordingly.

A technique Consulting firms Cincinnati utilizes is to send to your main list a subscription offer, mostly, on a particular topic. There’ll be customers who reply or subscribe, and customers who’ll ignore them.

Those who subscribed are obviously interested in that topic. It gives you an idea of what their interests are.

After segmenting lists, you can then bombard customers in each list with specific emails. This makes promotions easier.

Just sending emails, in general, won’t do. If you send too many emails to uninterested customers they‘ll get tired of you.

Provide a Call-To-Action

When acquiring interested customers, they’ll need to know where to go. Do so by providing a Call-To-Action or CTA button.

This button should lead customers to where you specifically want them to be. Of course, relevant to the email content.

You can’t offer a deal on shoes and have the CTA lead them to your hats section.

Placement is important too. Remember that the CTA should be prominently displayed and not in any corner of the email.

With the convenience of the modern world these days, everyone expects ease. Users are expecting things to be shoved in front of their faces.

Adding a prominent Call-to-Action is a great example Consulting firms Cincinnati does.

Another tip is to stick to one type of all emails. This avoids confusion and will be easy for customers to navigate.

You can make use of a hyperlink talking about the offer or a hyperlinked “CLICK HERE”. Choosing the type of CTA to add is your choice.

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing by Consulting Firms Cincinnati

Email marketing is without a doubt, a powerful tool to grow your business. Consulting firms Cincinnati use it all the time.

You get to develop a relationship with your readers, turning new customers into loyal, paying customers.

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to your customers, wherever their locations are.

Email marketing is an extremely important part of growing our business in the modern world. With the knowledge of using it correctly, your emails will be reaching your leads in no time.

Keep in mind the tips provided in Consulting firms Cincinnati guide to email marketing. Soon you’ll be one of the big guys.

If you feel like you need more help about email marketing, check out IM Consultation Services.

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